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Need some documents for an important meeting? You just have to print them all out, and you’re good to go! But then the printer doesn’t work – aaargh! There’s an error message. If you have tried everything and nothing seems to help, let QR Connect take your worries away: report the problem with a single scan, and the solution appears in the blink of an eye!

No Glitch No Worries

With printers there is always something – and sometimes they won’t work at all. Sounds familiar?

Everyone has to deal with it sooner or later: a printer that’s not working. For example, the toner may have run out, or there is a paper jam. With QR Connect, you’ll get it sorted in no time: we easily resolve all your service requests!

No glitch no worries

Do you want to increase self-reliance? Or optimise an order process? We will happily show you the simplest solution!

Do you have a nice showcase? Get in touch. If you are the first in your sector, then together with QR Connect we will make it into a success story.

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